Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cinetropia & AxeMurderer

I now have feeds to three different blogs besides my own on the right column of this page.

Sorven Shrang Shadowsoul - An ongoing work of fan fiction that I have already told you about.

Cinetropia - A blog run by the Death Lords society and dedicated to the Entropia Universe. They have some good articles on starting out as a new player. They are also working on creating some videos.
They are currently on part IV of a series called "A Newb's Eye View"

AxeMurderer's Blog - AxeMurderer is a Store owner at the Emerald Lakes Mall. I met with him for buisness to see if he would be interested in selling Rocktropia weapons on Calypso and found out that he had a blog which I have started reading. (haven't had time for all the posts yet) He is keeping a pretty detailed log of his hunts and activities, so once I am caught up, I think I will enjoy watching his progress.  He also seems to be pretty caught up on the news around the Universe and has some nice pictures of weapons from Arkadia. (I'm really liking the new longblade)

For anyone looking for B.A.M.F zk5(L) shotguns and Cryogenics II(L) chips I would recommend looking in his store at Emerald Lakes.

Blogs are interesting in that they give you a chance to look at something through someone else's eyes with their perspective.

There is so much to the Universe that one person cant experience it all for them self. There are lots of times when I think about what I would do in a certain situation, but because of the choices I have made and where I am in the game, I wont have the opportunity to experience those situations.  Reading these blogs is a way for me to experience them anyways, which I think is kind of cool.

Good luck, and have fun reading :)


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