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May 2011 Q&A from Neverdie

Posted on today by Neverdie himself,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their patience, it has been a tumultuous time for us at the Studio, things are settling down now as we have delivered the content for the Next VU. So now I can address the Questions.

1. Are there, or will there be unlimited versions of the Rocktropia weapons in the loot pool with the potential to drop in big hofs like there is on Calypso? For example an unlimited zk6, or an unlimited Orgasmatron Axe.

Yes, we actually had some Unlimited Items scheduled for the last VU but they were held back at the last moment, due to balancing issues..My Hope is that you will see these items appear soon.
if all goes according to plan with our next VU, our hope is that we can spend more time on Special items and less time playing catch up.

2. Will Rocktropia be a continually growing and developing Planet or will 2.0 mark the beginning of a long period of stable but never changing gaming like when I started on Calypso in 9.0?

After we get the basics of the Economy into play, which I hope will be with this next VU in June, our focus will shift mostly to Gameplay, Quests and Story for a while, we have so many areas in ROCKtropia we want to bring to life with Quests... Further Expansion will come when our population grows.

3. Will there be Rocktropia events like the robot and mutant events in the past on Calypso?

We dont really have tools yet to adjust Spawn on the Fly.. So we have to be more strategic with our events and allow them to evolve between each VU.

4. How realistic is the idea of RL items dropping in loot. (I understand that video cards have droped on on Calypso in the past and Laptops are expected in loot for the Promotional start of Arkadia)

We will drop real life items in the future, concert tickets, music memorobilia, apparel etc..

5. When will the beergarden open up and start actually pumping beer out? (is there a set amount of decay or ped cycled on the planet required before it can become operational?)

The Beer Garden finally after 12 Months and is working, its great fun be careful, After the Next VU when more BP's arrive, there will be uses for the Kegs

6. When will you make me my own Land area with RTOM mobs with maturities based off the actual rotm's from last year?

I'm looking forward to seeing some private land ownership on ROCKtropia, when the economy is fixed and we start to see some population growth, it will become feasable.

7. Do you have any plans for a Land Area with only low lvl mobs of similar maturity/hp to help with the creation of new player/low lvl ingame events?

We have this Planned for the City of Dreams area, but it may have to wait till after the summer, because Blueprints took up most of our time.

8. Will all Rocktropia BP's be limited or will there be lines of unlimited prints as well?

Both, Im not sure what the Mix is on this first major BP VU, but hopefully we will see both.
After the next VU your feedback will be much appreceated.

9. What happened to Hard Rock/Ingot? Why cant anyone find it anymore?

It's just tough to find,it is my understand that it is there though

10. What happened to Elvis and Neverdie Dragons? Why aren't they around any more?

We do a lot of Spawn moving as we re-organize the World, perhaps you just have to look somewhere else for them, are you sure these mobs are missing?

11. Will we have 'wave event' areas like I hear they have on Calypso?

Yep they should be in after this next VU

12. Will we have our own 'Beacon' or 'Instanced' type missions available on Rocktropia any time soon?

We haven't been provided any tools for this yet

13. Why are the icons in inventory so large? It was much easier to sort them when they were smaller.

Fixed now

14. Will we be able to actually listen the albums and records we loot?

I think there are few other priorities on the Platform before we push for these things

15. When will different areas of RT get different genere of music? (for example Vampire cathedral are used to be promoted as a place for Gothic music)

We actually started out with this, then we moved into One Station, but after the Next VU, Digital abduction managed areas will have seperate streams, this is just the begining of diversity in Music

16. Any ingame concerts planned? there was an old rpg (gothic) who had a nice easter egg that you could activate and you had a german band playing non stop for a chapter with some npc's dancing around... (donno: make a stage, put some metal, make the zombies dance.. )

I believe even more options are coming with the Voice system to support concerts. In the August VU will provide some areas for Player created music events.

17. When new blueprints are added do you have to "Turn them on" after a VU for them to start being found or are they added the moment a VU is launched

"MA control that"

18. Will the rest of the Rocktropians of the month get there stars added ingame (A few people have asked me to ask this)

Who is missing?

19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don't control how or when, so we can't predict when something will drop

20. There was mention a while ago that RT pioneers or Top hunters would be given a apartment on RT is this true and will it happen if it is?

We do events to win things.. but due to the early instability of the planet some of our events have become derailed... If anyone is due an outstanding Prize, please let us know.

21. Alot of people complain about Lag on RT who is responsible for the servers we use NDS or MA?

Well We have been Very Ambitious with our developed areas so we must keep optomizing them

22. What are there restrictions on Neverdie and the employees of Neverdie Studio? Does the studio have to report the names of the employees' avatars to Mindark? Are there restrictions on how long a personal avatar cannot be used after employment in some sort of non-disclosure agreement or something (some folks on Linked in appear to have worked for NDS a couple of years ago, some probably as interns that were only there a few months - are they still under the prohibition? Are the interns considered a part of that when they are there if there are any interns?)

this is a question to be directed at MA. But I will say that I don't believe anyone who has worked at NDS in the past has any knowledge on specific loots that they could exploit.

23. Will Blueprints start being fixed prior to releases so that L blueprints show up as L in auction and item info screens, and stuff that is not a blueprint does not show up as a blueprint in the item descriptions?

Are they fixed now?

24. Will there be a clarification about who the heck or what the heck Digital Abduction is and how it's tied to Neverdie Studio? Does the prohibited end user activity apply to this company/individual/employee, or whatever the heck it is?

Digital Abduction, manage land areas for some of our Music Marketing partners, they do not own the land deeds, the deeds cannot be sold by them, we can reclaim them at any time... But it is neccesary for our artist partners to have someone manage the land areas, because they are busy being artists... Digital abduction manage the land areas and also will coordinate with the artists and labels on marketing issues.. Think of them as Virtual Web masters for Artists.. We don't give DA any info on Loot. They do not have access to anything confidential at the studio.

25. Are the coins the only way to get in and out of hell? Will hell be hellish without any auction or terminals (sort of like a hardcore playing place?)... Will hell have revive terminals?

Hell Coins will be required to get to hell. Hell is evolving should be some more action Next VU

26. Any updates on Jango?

We really needed to focus on the economy before we can really get back to work with our marketing partners, I really Hope this Next VU catches us up.

27. Will there be hangers on Rocktropia?

We don't yet have the skinny on the gameplay for Space, so we will have to wait and see.

28. Will monthly 'rent' fees for estates be removed on Rocktropia since there is not going to be any rent on estates on Calypso or Arkadia?

Possibly, we had problems getting our estates to work without rent, lets evaluate the success of this on the other planets, I think its a good thing. I dont like closed shops

29. Are there more plans for integration of user interactive and player generated music content in addition to that coming from your business side?

Currently we have no systems in development with Mindark, We have designed an elaborate Dance battle System, that I would like to Push for when Mindark have completed all the basics for space, taming, makeup etc, but i think alot will depend on the Popularity of our planet and theme

30. Are you negotiating with MA to get back to being able to fully use your avatar?

I'm not Negotiating... But I do not agree with NEVERDIE not being able to play.
If I wanted to try to exploit the system, I would be stupid to do it with my Known avatar..
I enjoy playing it inspires me... MA can monitor my activity and treat my like any other player.
So I think it would be more accurate to say I am Lobbying to be able to play, but not negotiating.

I would prefer Mindark Police the Planet partners avatar accounts, instead of the community.
I do understand the sensitivity of this issue and that there is a huge margin for misunderstanding in the community... But still what would people really prefer, that I play with an undercover avatar and MA monitor my undercover avatar to make sure that I dont cheat? Or I play with NEVERDIE and MA monitor me so that i dont cheat? At the end of the Day only MA can Know what a planet partner is really up to, only they can analyze the financial data, so why force me to use an underground Avatar, when I have a World Famous avatar that have invested heavily in, that would actually make my activities more transparent... I know that people will always speculate on what I'm doing, but I think there are alot more savvy hunters to follow rather than myself..."

31. Will be opened up more to allow mods and Admin's to perform a more active role as at the moment what permissions are avalible is very limited.

I think so.

32. Will there be a review of blueprints such as the Creative Juice bp which seems to have an unnaturally low success rate due to its tt per click vs. tt of success ratio?
Is this whey the Creative Juice bp gives so many errors while clicking it?

We are fixing these issues Edit: Have fixed

33. To begin, how are you all and how is it going? (Hello to ND, Taliesin, Tenacity, and Todd ;-)

34. When will we hear more Ween? ( I just have to ask; having the music stream is great, well not so much the rap..., and hearing Ween would be so nice.)

I love ween too.... I will talk to the DJ

35. Also related to music, can we get an ingame feed of what is playing live?

Yes Edit: No, that would require coding

36. Blueprints! For clothes, etc. where are they?

we finally have the tools for this hopefully you will see some V Soon!

37. Stars for the rest of the ROTMs and for the champions of Todd's Fighting Federation? And will there be more for the new helpful people here?

Hopefully as we stabalize our economy we can also get to grips with our community interaction again

38. Beer cans and the beer stein?


39. Unlimited ZKs and axes, etc?

Look for more unlimited items in the future

40. Apartments for everyone who participated in the Squatters Unite thread Squatters Unite! ?

I will have to read the thread

41. When can we expect concerts, new music from participants, etc?

As soon as the Voice system gets to the next Phase I think we can tackle this properly

42. Jukeboxes, lootable music real life items, etc?

thats what we have to work towards

On a final note for this Q&A I would like to remind everyone that because of delays in the readiness of the platform we launched ROCKtropia before all the systems were provided to us to create a functional Economy, this can be seen with the latest planet on the platform launching with fundamentals we will not have until our next VU .We have paid a heavy price for this and this has been a big game of catch up for us and been extremely challenging emotionally and financially. For those Players who enjoy ROCKtropia, I sincerely hope we move a big step forward with this next VU to giving you a world that you can take pride in and build a community on and that We can market.

In another thread he also confirmed that NDS will be focusing only on Rocktropia now.
Posted in this thread.
Question # unknown:
How does Next Islands announcement of a new game producer affect NDS and Rocktropia?
Does it mean you are no longer working on Next Island and will be able to Dedicate full time to Rocktropia content?

Yes we are focused Solely on ROCKtropia content now

The interesting points for me were,
1. NDS only working on Rocktropia now.
2. Blueprints and UL items potentialy as soon as the next vu.
3. Some more information about the studios relationship with DA.
4. Wave events soon!
5. Beacon or Instanced type events wont be happening soon :(
6. plenty more, but you get the idea.


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